Brand Identity

Rebranding Refresh Oral Hygiene by Indalma Creative

Amy Agis is a dental hygienist whose business offers dental hygiene services to clients in the location of their choice. Indalma created a ‘fresh’ and appealing brand to set Amy apart from her competitors while also maintaining a sense of trust vital to Amy’s line of work.

When Severide Law relocated to a newly renovated building in Delta, they took the opportunity to rebrand their business at the same time. The updated logo reflected the modern interior design of their new location. With use of a complete circle, a simple san-serif font and the modern interpretation of ‘law-blue’ and grey colours; a confident, professional logo was achieved. New signage can be viewed in Indalma's signage category.



Fraser Health needed a logo to accompany the new employee health initiative ‘Better Health’. This logo for the health industry needed to stand on its own but also stay within the constraints of Fraser Health’s brand. 


The brainchild of 2 local chefs (who happen to be husband and wife), Batch.Food. provides ‘frozen from fresh’ healthy meals to families that don’t always have the time to cook themselves. Like a retro packaging stamp, their food industry logo is funky and simple, which perfectly compliments what they do. Their advertising copy, also provided by Indalma Creative, adds an edge and fun-loving attitude to their brand.

Staying consistent within the newly developed (by Indalma Creative) brand, business cards were designed to create a sense of fluidity by flowing the elegant monogram of their logo from one side of the card over to the other. Practically speaking, clients are inclined to turn the card over to read the contact information.