Brand Identity

With the use of impressive black and white photography, colour that stays within the parameters of Aviation Data Systems brand, and simple website design; complex information is presented in a user-friendly manner.

Produced In collaboration with NetClimber Web Design

An obvious extension of Apex Glass’ established brand. This website was designed specifically to ‘breathe’ on the page using white space, lovely images and clear, clean design; all reflecting the windows and glass that Apex Glass sells and installs.

Produced In collaboration with NetClimber Web Design  

Delta Chamber of Commerce tourism pages. Keeping within the framework of their existing site, Indalma Creative wanted to establish a real sense of place while developing these inviting tourism pages. Relying heavily on gorgeous regional photos by local photographer, Tyler Garnham, helped to achieve just that. A priority was also to organize the existing informational clutter to make it more readable.

Indalma Creative worked with Freetalk LLC for several months to establish their online presence in the competitive and overwhelming world of VOIP communications. In part, Freetalk sells products that allow users to ‘Skype’ using their regular telephones. The new design of the Freetalk website emphasizes just how easily Freetalk products could integrate into the lives of their customers. Indalma was responsible for all concept, design and copy writing on the website.

A series of screen savers were designed as an internal means of communicating specific timely messages to the employees of Fraser Health. These screen savers all needed to act as quick personal reminders of certain protocols that Fraser Health has in place and are used to instruct the employees on how to do something specific. For example, this fall prevention screen saver instructs and reminds its employees how to prevent patients from falling by asking their patients a simple series of questions.