Brand Identity

Exterior signage. A designed transparent, frosted entrance sign for NARP displaying their new logo. Another more basic sign to fit with the other business signs appears on the street beside their office.

A large wrapped wall collage. Indalma created and designed this wall collage to cover a white walled hall on the lower floor of their head office. With the use of  black and white photography of healthcare workers, helping demographically suitable clients, this helped to make the space more inviting and the signage promoted Fraser Health's brand and presence.

Along with other local business slides, this slide appeared on the screen to advertise The Tsawwassen Wellness Centre before the show began at the annual outdoor summer movie nights.

Interior sign. Designed to suit the newly renovated offices of Severide Law. The custom designed sign (sharing with SeaChange Collaborative practice - also our client) is translucent, with elegant silver trim and rivets designed speicifically to reflect the atmosphere and interior design of the office. This sign is designed and custom-built using 3 levels of materials: a brushed metal background, a frosted plexi-glass middle and raised lettering that adds dimension in the foreground.

Two interior signs were designed to inform patients of particular clinic details like Cancellation Policies. These kept in line with the Ladner Massage Therapy branding but also added cohesiveness between LMT and the Chiropractor that share the office space.